Home DC condos really pretend that this is ok (5'7" man for scale)

DC condos really pretend that this is ok (5’7″ man for scale)

Yesss! I am 5’2 and I have to tip toe to grab the products off the top shelf in the shower! No more having to get my hair wet by accident because the shower head isn’t at an optimal height
You know, I’m only 5’10” and I never feel powerful when I have to bend down to rinse my hair.!When I move into a house I’m installing one of those ceiling raining shower heads.
It’s gets old real quick. I’m not even particularly tall (5’9”) and my old apartment had a shower head that was about eye level and it was annoying af. I installed a detachable one that was mounted a few inches higher and I never realized how simple yet important shower head height was.

My gut feeling is that’s more than 7″ from top of his head to top of shower. You’re still too tall.

Lol it’s like the scene in Willy Wonka where the hallway gradually gets smaller. Try playing Rachmaninoff at that door in the back.
I am impressed by how nice they managed to dress up 4 foot ceilings into a modern looking space. My 3 year old would love it. Is this someone’s attic?
I SAW THIS HOUSE EARLY IN MY HOME SEARCH!! What a load of horse shit that upstairs room was. fucking scam to get the higher sq ft number

What really pisses me off about this, is how the developer has deliberately tried to deceive buyers looking at the picture with tiny furniture. That table and chair set is clearly toddler sized. I question this listing even being legal.

It’s like in the Simpson’s when Ned’s house gets destroyed and the town builds it again for him and it shrinks at the end

Also 6’3”, curious to know about others as tall, how many shower heads are hitting roughly the same spot as this picture? For me it’s seemingly easily been 70% of the shower heads I’ve encountered in my life.

Basement apartment, your own shower, shared laundry (the other tenants will need to interrupt your privacy to walk through your room to wash their laundry k thx), rent includes all utilities jk you pay 1/3 of utilities each month

Hobbit holes, by definition, are warm and inviting places usually filled with food and drink and soft chairs on which to sit while enjoying a pipe after a lovely supper.

I saw a listing like that yesterday for a place in Arlington. It literally said “price is X, utilities included”, then two paragraphs down it said “utilities are an extra X per month”

Oh its not legal in dc either. This is likely an illegal subdivision. DC actually has pretty tenant friendly laws and could probably get their landlord into a bit of trouble for code violations.

There are usually classifications, but when is money to be made to developers will find interesting ways around them.

I sleep in a windowless den in a bachelor apartment, because bedrooms are legally required to have Windows.

I think this is an old building retrofitted with showers. People were shorter in the earlier times of DC and also didn’t have showers, so didn’t make room for them


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