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Doctor puts on SIX surgical masks to debunk myth wearing face coverings reduces oxygen levels

Having seen a similar video, such arguments existed like:

Yeah but you’re just sitting still.

Well you aren’t wearing it for very long. Check back in __ minutes.


The arguments I’ve seen are “he’s in a air conditioned building, not outside working” and “the mask doesn’t block the virus and it weakens your immune system”.

They aren’t scientifically literate so they don’t see the holes in their arguments. The fact that masks push air to the side rather than straight forward also hasn’t been explained very well. It’s not about keeping the virus contained within the mask, it’s about how far your breath travels.

Doctors and nurses are doing this same experiment by the dozens yet there are still people arguing against it with faulty logic.

Or alternately, they could say that someone off-screen is wearing the pulse-ox that’s showing the reading on the monitor, and his isn’t actually plugged in. Because that makes perfect sense /s

The news station in my area put this up on their Facebook page. Of course the anti mask idiots showed up almost immediately. I was tired of one sided debates with them just plugging their ears so I had to vent and go off on one of them for being so blatantly fucking stupid. Solved nothing, felt good though.

So far in my experience these people just ignore everything you tell them. I have a friend who is a respiratory therapist that still tells people that they breathe in too much carbon dioxide wearing a mask.

I assume they’ll say the video was staged and the machine was actually hooked up to someone off camera. People will do anything to avoid admitting they’re wrong.
anti-maskers are really just right-wingers. That’s all they are. they think master-wears are left-wing, and they’re right-wings, and so they don’t want to appear as a libtard, so they don’t wear the mask.

everything else – doctors notes, etc, is all just a smokescreen – and that’s the weird part, they’re willing to look physically weak (“My doctor says I can’t wear one!”) in order to not look politically weak (in their mind)
Know a guy that will go at someone’s throat on Facebook about being a sheep and covid is a lie, dude won’t even go in public right now or make appointments because he doesn’t want to risk getting covid. So many of them are just keyboard warrior’s

I have often wondered what would happen if you brought a flat earther to the moon. They probably would walk out of the landing module and still think it was all a hoax. I have learned that when someone has made up their mind about something there is no changing it. They have to decide to change on their own

I work in our non air-conditioned warehouse sorting PPE for distribution to Emergency Services. As part of that I try new styles of masks every week so that when people have questions, complaints or issues at least one of us had tried it out. After 6 different styles/brands of surgical masks, 5-6 kinds of cloth masks, a couple bandanas and 6 styles of N95, this is what I have figured out.

You want the cloth mask to fit snug but not so much that it mushes your face so adjust or resew ear loops. You also don’t want it so loose it falls down or off. The right fit Gives a little space for internal air flow, but not so much for free airflow. Make sure it stays dry and wipe your face if moisture builds up. Same goes for surgical styles. Bandanas provide the best “cool” but are generally a thinner material and less protective than all others but better than nothing. I would recommend a brand but uh, we never know what we will find to purchase.

Don’t use an N95 for what you are doing unless you absolutely have too. The filter much more and when worn appropriately have a full seal around your mouth and nose. They get hot quickly. You also have to be fit tested to ensure you are wearing the right kind or else they won’t work correctly for you. I try these without fit testing to check durability only. They are also still super hard/almost impossible to come by so if you’ve got any, SAVE THEM.

Like someone else said, stay hydrated and if you have time, get a break without a mask on to cool off. I take a break to cool off, change to a new mask and dry my face every 2-4 hours, more so because they irritate my skin but also cause it gets super hot. Yay summer in the South. Hope this helps!


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Doctor puts on SIX surgical masks to debunk myth wearing face coverings reduces oxygen levels

Having seen a similar video, such arguments existed like: Yeah but you're just sitting still. Well...