Home NorCal restaurant refuses to serve customers wearing masks, could face license suspension

NorCal restaurant refuses to serve customers wearing masks, could face license suspension

I’m shocked by the number of my countrymen that are just drooling, pants-shittingly stupid. I would have expected things like basic science and logic to be non-partisan, but I’m being proven wrong daily.

My wife and I have started making plans to bail to Canada or Ireland if the election goes sideways…though even if it doesn’t we may still leave, people like this are still gonna be out there.

This virus was politicized so fast I don’t think we ever had a chance. I hate it here lol

We have one side urging people to follow science and doctors’ advice, and the other claiming it is a hoax – putting lives at risk while claiming themselves to be “Pro-Life”.

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We should’ve seen it coming, honestly. The same idiots who complained about masks were probably complaining about ObamaCare, gun control, etc. They’re so pathetic and get a hard on any time they think something is infringing on “muh rights.” See, these idiots think that they’re fighting against tyranny. It’s been so ingrained in their microscopic brains that they’re some sort of freedom fighters holding down the “American way.” So they jump at anything that they think is infringing on their rights.

These same idiots are the ones who didn’t think Trump advocating for protestors to be shot was dictator like. The same idiots who are fighting over masks but are probably cool with Secret Police™️ in Portland abducting people off the streets. They’ve been brainwashed to see tyranny as the Democrats, or liberals. Not actual things that are indicative of tyranny, pretty much a lot of things Trump is doing. They think BLM are Marxist terrorists, but won’t bat an eye to the mountain of evidence that we live in a police state.

These are the same idiots that Breitbart targeted and brainwashed before, and during the election.

It doesn’t help either that major tech companies let this brainwashing and misinformation happen on their platforms. The idiots with “Don’t tread on me” flags are being controlled by targeted misinformation campaigns both domestic and abroad (Russia). They’re fucking programmable fascist supporting puppets with a twisted sense of what American rugged individualism is.

Just wait until a fucking vaccine is finally here. If it’s made mandatory by ANY institution it will be politicized far worse and more dangerously than the anti-mask stuff. Hell I bet there’s some overlap between anti-vaxxers and the same people who think 5G causes coronavirus.

We’re fucked no matter what happens.

i remember some time after the government first said we didn’t need to wear masks, it seemed like we were shifting towards realizing that we should wear masks and people were starting to, but then everything just went south for some reason out of nowhere

Move to Australia. Most of us are not affected by this American ‘It’s my right’ bullshit. We don’t have any constitutionally guaranteed rights so we get on living life together, don’t shoot each other often ( no right to guns either), are cops are human and rarely shoot anyone, we have universal health care and covid is not wiping out our population.

Yeah really. Did you know if you wear a mask for ONE second, you lose a billion oxygens and that causes your brain to explode. I had a friend who put his mask on and immediately collapsed to the floor, and then got sucked into another dimension. Still think wearing a mask is cool? Sheep. You’re a sheep. You’re all sheeps
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I knew there was no way this could happen in the Bay, because you’d get shamed out of business for doing this here. I mean, we definitely have anti-maskers too, but they’re outnumbered by those of us who wear masks.


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