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Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt “Shocked” To Test Positive For COVID-19 Despite Not Wearing A Mask

When asked if he regrets his choice to not wear a mask, he said, “I don’t really second guess anything.””

No, ma’am, I do not learn from my mistakes!

Yeah, that’s actually a refrain I’ve heard a lot since Trump said he “doesn’t take responsibility for anything.”

One of my cousins got hit with it, really mild case, nothing other than a headache. He bragged on Facebook about how God had protected him “unlike the mask wearing fools that aren’t really men.”

He gave it to his wife. She’s dead now.

As someone with one lung–give it time. Not many things profoundly change your life like literally gasping for air knowing you could be rendered unconscious at any time.

It’s truly terrifying. Like drowning on land.

And unfortunately due to his own stupidity he’ll get to experience it.

I hope he doesn’t spread it to his family. Then he gets to experience the unspeakable pain of purposefully putting your family through that incredibly painful situation.
The guy is the governor of Oklahoma.. one can only imagine the list of sad life choices that would land you that job. You really need to double down on failure at this point.

Let’s be clear, if my choices are Walmart greeter, taco bell septic tanker cleaner or governor of Oklahoma, it would a tough toss up between those first two..

I know lots of people from Oklahoma, I don’t know anybody who would entertain moving to that place.

He also went to the Ft.Sill military base without a mask (even though the base requires masks) and gave a speech. Afterwards he was interacting with all kinds of people. That was 4 days before he tested positive.

Edit: A teenager died on that same base from Covid only hours after she was admitted to the hospital the week before he visited. Stitt is an asshat.

He’s going to be fine. He’s not paying any price. Other people are going to pay it for him when he goes around breathing on them while he’s still contagious.

They have the vapors.

Science only matters when it’s directly impacting them.

Chuck Woolery got on his soap box and said the Covid was a big hoax and other crazy shit.

Then his kid gets it. So he has his Road to Demascus moment.

Then he has to erase himself off social media out of shame.

But do other anti-maskers listen? No. They’re gonna have to get sick, too.

I think people are trying to express the article title is incredibly stupid in light of that fact. I sincerely hope though that he reassess his stance and had his staff wear masks and he socially isolates as much as possible.

Of course they fucking protect the wearer. They may not protect them 100%, but even 50% is better than 0%. Fucking hell is that the ‘useless argument of the week’ that the USA has shifted to? For fucks sake.


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