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This man really has something against that faucet

That critique was spot on. A minimalistic flat mounted faucet on the rim would have made it much more appealing. All they needed was a drill….
Had one of those in my family’s house in the early 90s in the middlest middle class house. Surely these people can afford it.

When you’re right you’re right and when you’re wrong you could’ve been right, so you’re still right because you could’ve been wrong
We all agree, and he deserves a metal. I’ve seen this thing all weekend and didn’t notice that bullshit faucet once.

A medal is technically metal, so you could give him a medal instead cuz those feel way better than metal.
I’ve been thinking about this, and maybe this is just a temporary faucet used for marketing shots. They’d have to custom plumb in and potentially even reinforce floors to install the tub in an actual house, so it makes sense that they’d expect people to choose their own faucet as part of the installation process.

I agree. If you look up these tubs there are a variety of faucet setups and they aren’t directly attached to the tub.

This version of this post is refreshing. I’ve only seen this with some nutjobs saying, “Omg can u imagine the energy from so much crystal?

On one hand, shitty faucet.

On the other hand…

[slaps side of tub]

This bad boy can fit so many horcruxes in it.

The person who created this masterpiece probably didn’t want to use a fancy faucet because it would take away the beauty of the million dollar bathtub (yes, The faucet could at least, at minimum do its original job of just flowing water directly beneath)

Honestly Im more inclined to go with them looking for the simplest design possible, to keep the attention on the bath itself and keep it looking rustic rather than ornate and showy as everyone else seems to want with those shitty waterfall taps.

Personally I think a copper or brass tap would have worked better, but it works as it is.

Nay this man is speaking the truth. Bathtub gonna cost a lil more than a mil when you pay to get that shitty thing replaced
If i spent several killion on a tub, I might feel compelled to by a cheap faucet… it would be one of those “Ill invest more later when i have time” projects
Yeah the faucet sucks, but I wonder if the water is going off to the side because it would otherwise dissolve the mineral? Either way he’s right

Well tbh when I saw this post I originally I was gonna comment that I’m a crystal lover and I’ve seen cuter crystal tubs for cheaper and even then I wouldn’t ever buy one. If I had the money I’d get a two person bath that blows bubbles so my babe and I can lick each other toes.


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This man really has something against that faucet

That critique was spot on. A minimalistic flat mounted faucet on the rim would have made it much more appealing. All they...

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