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Vicki Vickers – Female Skateboarder of the Year (1978)

I don’t know why there isn’t a Wikipedia page for her – because she seems pretty fabulous according to the Skateboarding Hall of Fame…

Hailing from Houston, Texas and emerging into the Californian skateboarding scene in the late 1970s, Vicki Vickers was a vert skater who would later go on to skate for the Hobie pro team, Winning the title of “Female Skateboarder of the Year” in 1978 and even getting her own six page “Revealing Interview” in Skateboarder magazine.
Beginning her professional career in 1976 Vickers was brought out by Pepsi Cola, which resulted in her promptly signing with Hobie. In addition to this, she also rode for Kryptonics, Sims and Alva.
In 1978 she was recruited to be the female lead in Skateboard Mania. Along with this she also rode the Pepsi Plexiglas halfpipe in the Rose Bowl Parade with friends like George Orton, Paul Hoffman, Steve Rocco, Doug Saladino, and Steve Cathey. Then, in 1978 she got her own “Who’s Hot!” article in Skateboarder magazine. Unlike other female skaters of the time Vickers was different. Although she was a girl, people often said that she “skated like one of the guys”. With accomplishments like being one of the first women to do handplants, “catch air” and being one to want to skate against the guys—Vicki Vickers was an outspoken female athlete who wanted “Equal pay for equal skate.”

I’ve never created a Wikipedia page and don’t have the time at this moment, but for those who are good at that thing and have the time this would be a great opportunity to add some fun to Wikipedia.

Most pro skaters don’t have Wikipedia pages. I often try and reference skaters I remember from back in the day and it’s almost impossible to find info. Even the REALLY famous skaters’ Wiki pages are typically lacking a lot of information.

It’s always cool to see classic skaters, but it’s interesting to look at the professional skateboards back then. It looks like she’s using a Sims deck, Tracker trucks and maybe Yo Yo wheels. It wasn’t till a few years later when those Powell Boards came out and everything got real fat.

Ah Del mar Skate Ranch…..I would know those sodium lights anywhere.

That chain link fence behind her I once had to duck down behind when Gator transitioned and ollied it (and nearly got thrown out doing it)
I wish modern skaters (mostly street, verts have got this down) would wear at least helmets.
Vert is far more dangerous as far as head injuries go. It’s not an accident that they wear them and street skaters don’t.

I had those very gloves. The Hobie helmets were a coveted item. Those short, little trucks though — heavens how we didn’t have more concussions.

I want that shirt. My first (and last) surfboard was a Hobie Eastern Star, and I had a Hobie skateboard that my son took west with him when he moved after college. As a jersey boy, i used to dream of living in California when i saw these kinds of photos in the magazines. Great memories from that era.

Sweet pic. I was 13 that year and only went to one skate park, but I was rockin’ a Tony Alva sticker underneath my board.


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Vicki Vickers – Female Skateboarder of the Year (1978)

I don't know why there isn't a Wikipedia page for her - because she seems pretty fabulous according to the Skateboarding Hall...

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